Multi-Media Touch Screen Consoles

DCI has developed a custom Single Board Computer (SBC) for entertainment fitness consoles that offers:

Best Price Performance
Customizable for exact Horsepower and Features Required
Complete Control over Board Design

We considered an off the shelf SBC to hit the market sooner, but it was more expensive and you ended up paying for features that weren't needed.

Multimedia Features & Options

DCI's SBC drives and active color LCD panel ranging in size from 7" to 15"

  • Streaming video entertainment options
    • TV
    • Video input from external device (DVD player)
    • Video playback from external SD data card
    • Video output to larger TV
    • Will support HDTV

Audio Option

  • In-console speakers
  • Headphone jack
  • MP3 input jack
  • Audio input from external source
  • Audio output to external sound system

DCI's platform supports all of the following options:

  • Touch screen input (USB-controlled)
    • Available for any size panel
    • Allows smooth users interface
    • Pairs well with high resolution graphical display
    • Each touch screen calibration

Data port options allowing control of external devices 
(storage of workout profiles, statistical data, data inputs, etc.)

  • USB port
  • Ethernet port
  • Data Card port (SD, MMC, etc,)
  • RS232
  • RS485 bus - allowing addition of "node" without a new board lay out