AC Motor Control

In recent years, the fitness industry has focused more intensely on cost and performance. While the PWM motor controllers have served the industry well, the market was demanding more extensive warranty periods, and a higher degree of precision.

The PWM controllers were designed for DC Permanent Magnet motors. These motors use "Brushes" to make the electrical connection to the motor armature. These costly brushes would wear out two to three times during the standard three-year warranty in areas of extensive usage.

Once again, we accepted the challenge and designed the DCI AC Motor controller. This was designed specifically for the AC induction motor rather than the more costly DC Brushless motors. DCI worked with motor vendors to package a motor and motor controller system designed to meet a 5 year warranty.

Features / Protection

  • DSP Controlled to control variable speeds

  • BIT (Built In Test): Registers, RAM, FLASH, Validity of Internal References

  • Independent Protection: Input and Output Stages

  • Over and Under Voltage

  • Phase and Peak Over Current

  • Gate Driver Faults

  • Error Reporting and Logging

  • Protect Against Thermal Overload

  • Broken Phase Wire Protection