About Us

When DCI incorporated in 1990, the treadmill industry was using Industrial SCR motor control technology.

While this worked at the time, the cost and noise of these SCR controllers was prohibitive.

This pushed the industry to look to advanced technology to reduce cost, eliminate noise, and provide a more stable and precise control for treadmills.

DCI recognized this need, and worked independently to design FET Based PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controllers. Not only did we design and sell directly into the fitness marketplace, but we also designed and patented additional safety circuitry that could not be implemented on the existing SCR controllers.

Today, DCI designs and manufactures the motor controllers used in over 50% of the treadmills in the world.

Our History
Digital Concepts was founded in March of 1990 to design and build electronic control devices for applications previously served only by mechanical products.

In our short history, we have experienced tremendous growth, achieving notable success in our initial target market: Fitness

Our Specialty
DCI develops and maintains an extremely unique partnership with each of our customers. We assign a team of hardware and software engineers to create and design electronics that will differentiate their product line far above the competition. Our team is committed to the customer for the duration of our relationship to provide:

  • Year-by-year new product innovations allowing new technologies to broaden the products features and offerings utilizing DCI research and development.
  • Continuous improvement focusing on product quality and cost efficiency from design through to production.
  • Project management